Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yahoo! for the Golden Age
There are plenty of Golden Age comic book fans, and they like to congregate online. Not surprising, really. Don't we all like to hang out with like-minded individuals?

Not that everyone gets along all the time. Differences of opinion come into play on occasion, but that does help keep the conversation going. Most of the time, everyone is on their best behaviour.

One such venue for these sometimes heated conversations is YahooGroups. Specific groups on the site are:

Canadian Comics

Fiction House Factory

Four Color Fems

GGGGA · Good Guys & Gals of the Golden Age

Golden Age Timely Comics

The JSA All-Star Story Site

Quality Comics Corner

There are more groups, but these should serve as a great jumping on point if you're interested in joining the conversation. You'll also find links to other groups and related sites.

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