Friday, September 23, 2011

Quest for Third Flash vs. the Thorn Story

The Thorn's dramatic debut
(Flash Comics #89, Nov 1947)
As many of you already know, the Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) faced off against the villainous Thorn (Rose Canton) two times before Flash Comics was cancelled. A third story was in the works but not published as a result.

Pages from that unpublished 10-page story have cropped up over the years, and the entire story is supposedly published in Robin Snyder's The Comics v6 #10 (though Snyder's own comments apparently cast some doubt on the accuracy of the issue number).

Though never fully published by DC, the story does impact the origins of Earth-2 legacy characters Jade and Obsidian, who are the twin children of Thorn and the Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott).
I've only been able to get my hands on pages 1-3 (from Alter Ego v3 #4 & 5) and 9-10 (from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #113). I'm posting them here and hope that someone who has the remaining pages would be willing to share them.

"Strange Confession" page 1 (Alter Ego v3 #5)
"Strange Confession" page 2 (Alter Ego v3 #4)
"Strange Confession" page 3 (Alter Ego v3 #54
"Strange Confession" page 9 (Lois Lane #114)
"Strange Confession" page 10 (Lois Lane #114)

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