Sunday, September 4, 2011

One-Hit Wonder Women: Harvey's Black Orchid

Super-hero romance is nothing new in comics, nor is the concept of heroes hiding their costumed identities from their loved ones. But those loved ones are usually "normal" people.

Harvey Comics tried something a little different with Black Orchid (Judith Allen) and Scarlet Nemesis (Rocky Ford).

Private investigators by day and costumed vigilantes by night, they're partners in both worlds but unaware of each other's alter ego.
Though they make only one appearance -- in All-New Short Story Comics #2 (March 1943) -- the story makes it clear that they've met at least once before in their costumed identities and agreed at the time not to try to figure out each other's true name. Not that they aren't tempted to share.

But that would be a story for another day -- that never comes.

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