Sunday, September 11, 2011

One-Hit Wonder Women: Ghost Woman

Ghost Woman is an interesting spin on the One-Hit Wonder Women theme. Though she does only make one appearance (Star-Studded Comics #1, 1945), she also inspires the long-running Dark Horse character Ghost. Both characters are true ghosts and wear similar outfits but are apparently not otherwise connected.

We never learn Ghost Woman's real name or why she becomes a ghost (other than her unfinished business with supporting character John). While she doesn't get to deliver her intended message (that his daughter is still alive), she seems content at the end that she not only saves his life but gives him a reason to keep living -- as a werewolf hunter!
Unlike other one-hits, there is no promise of future stories. In fact, Ghost Woman's final thought is, "Now I can rest!"

And so far, she has.

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  1. That was a great story & artwork. Too bad it wa a One-Shot. Would like to have seen more.

    Perhaps, eventually she could have married the Specter. lol