Saturday, September 3, 2011

One-Hit Wonder Women: Holyoke's Black Widow

Yesterday, I wrote about Marvel's original Black Widow, the eerie Claire Voyant.

Seems only fair to give a little time to the other Golden Age Black Widow (Linda Masters), who made her only appearance in Holyoke's Cat-Man Comics Vol. 1 #6.

Holyoke's Black Widow has no powers but does live up to the name, since she's motivated by the murder of her husband. She's also ruthless in her pursuit of criminals (not unusual for the era).

I've only managed to find a fiche scan of the full story and an angled photo of the first two pages so far. Anyone know of a proper paper scan?
Did you notice anything odd about the opening narrative? "Avenging the murder of her husband the Black Widow, in reality Linda Masters, again faces the denizens of crime." Think about that. By saying "again," the writer implies there is at least one prior adventure.

Are we missing something? Like maybe an actual origin story that was written and/or drawn but never published?

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