Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One-Hit Wonder Women: Purple Tigress

Based on the name and the costume, you might assume the Purple Tigress is a jungle girl, akin to Sheena, Lorna and Jann. But she's actually a vigilante, hunting criminals in the mean city streets.

In her one and only appearance (All Good Comics, Fox, 1944), the Purple Tigress is already making headlines and stirring up public curiosity. The narrator poses some intriguing questions:

"Who is the Purple Tigress? A whole city is piqued by the question. Out of nowhere, the Purple Tigress, a beautiful, cat-like woman appears to cut down crime. Like her jungle namesake she stalks venomous denizons [sic] of the wild. Is she maniac or angel? Has she a hidden lair, living like a wild animal, or...? -- Or maybe the story will tell you!!"

Readers soon learn that her real name is Ann Morgan. She plays the part of the bored socialite, toying with multiple suitors, but is ever watchful for suspicious activity. She has no apparent super powers but is rather skilled in hand to hand combat and dispatches criminals with ease.

The narrator's rather pointed questions are never really answered (other than the Purple Tigress' real name).

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