Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spotlight on Adventure Comics #416

Once upon a time, DC regularly devoted whole issues of their ongoing titles to reprints (a practice now mostly reserved for high priced trade paperbacks and hard covers).

One such case is Adventure Comics #419 (March 1972), which features classic Silver Age (SA) stories starring Supergirl and Golden Age (GA) stories starring Wonder Woman, Phantom Lady, Black Canary and Merry the Gimmick Girl.

What makes this issue most notable, however, is the wraparound cover depicting DC's line up of female characters.

Who's Who (left to right, not counting inserts): Hawkgirl II, Thorn II, Platinum, Zatanna,
Big Barda, Beautiful Dreamer, Star Sapphire II, Liberty Belle, Lilith, Wonder Girl,
Merry the Gimmick Girl, Enchantress, Dumb Bunny, Phantom Lady, Cheetah, Harlequin,
Batgirl II, Black Canary, Wonder Woman (plus Supergirl front and centre on the front panel)
In the DC relaunch, we've so far seen or been promised versions of Zatanna, Star Sapphire, Enchantress, Batgirl, Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Supergirl (hope I haven't missed anyone).

No word yet on the others, but we can surely expect to see some of the Golden Age characters on the restored Earth-2.

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