Monday, September 5, 2011

Slick vs. Salacious (or Somewhere in Between)
When it comes to modern spins on Golden Age material, do you prefer slick comic books like Dynamite's Project SuperPowers or the often salacious fare produced by AC Comics (most notably FemForce)?

I've seen plenty of criticism of Dynamite's approach, but I tend to prefer their more serious stories over AC's questionable depiction of women -- their headliners! Isn't it possible to present strong female leads without regularly posing them like Playboy bunnies and/or ripping off their already minimal tops? (Admittedly, other publishers have been known to take a similar approach but usually not to the same extreme.) There must be a happy medium somewhere.

I do give AC credit for giving a home to many Golden Age characters that might otherwise be forgotten and for reprinting classic stories on a regular basis. And they clearly have an audience, judging by their staying power.

I just don't think I'm their target demographic.

Mind you, I also don't happen to think pole dancing qualifies as female empowerment or that lingerie is a suitable gift for a woman (ask yourself who really benefits).

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