Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) takes place the first Saturday in May (yes, that means tomorrow, May 7th, is the big day this year). For one day each year, participating comic book shops around the world give away--you guessed it--free comic books.

Before you start dreaming dreams of four-colour avarice, take a deep breath. The freebies are limited to special FCBD editions published specifically for the event. But there's something for every taste, from Smurfs to Spider-Man to the Civil War.

Another highlight of the day is creator signings (Walter Koenig, Geoff Johns, Len Wein, Gail Simone, George PĂ©rez and many more) and character appearances (rub elbows with the likes of Green Lantern and the Black Cat). Check the schedule for stores and times.

Tempted to try comic books for the first time? Intrigued by a different genre than you usually buy? Free Comic Book Day is the perfect opportunity to experience something new. What have you got to lose?

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