Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Case You Missed Them...

Golden Age characters aren't just headliners. They also make guest appearances from time to time. Here are a few recent stories you might have missed.

15-Love #1-2 (Aug-Sep 2011) - Since the star of this three-issue limited series is teenaged tennis player Mill Collins, it's not too surprising that we get a guest appearance by Millie the Model, who turns out to be young Mill's aunt. In a bizarre twist, the Millie comes across like the worst kind of stage mother. Fans of Millie the Model won't be amused. But maybe she`ll mend her ways in the final issue.

Manipulative Aunt Millie pours on the guilt (15-Love #1)
Birds of Prey #14

Birds of Prey #14 (Sept 2011) - The original Black Canary (Dinah Drake) and Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight) are featured in an extended flashback sequence. Sandra also appears as her elder civilian self in the present, alongside Dinah's daughter, the current Black Canary. Both stories conclude in the upcoming Birds of Prey #15.
Cover art for Fear Itself:
The Home Front #1

Fear Itself: The Home Front #1-4 - In the present day, Jimmy Woo and the Agents of Atlas unearth disturbing aspects of WWII Nazi activities that have an impact on the overarching Fear Itself storyline playing out across the Marvel Universe. The story is told from Jimmy's POV but has a strong impact on Namora (in more ways than one)
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #12 (May 2011) - While not part of the mainstream Marvel Universe, this all-ages title does benefit from periodic appearances by the Blonde Phantom, head of The Blonde Phantom Detective Agency and advisor to the young Spider-Man. She first shows  up in Marvel Adventures Super Heroes Vol. 1 #14-15 and also appears in Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 1 #58, 60, 61 and Vol. 2 #3-5, 8.

The Blonde Phantom - Still kickin' butts and takin' names

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21 (May 2011) - We're still waiting for a modern appearance of Sun Girl in the Marvel Universe proper, but until that happens, we'll just have to settle for non-canon stories like this one. Sun Girl's appearance here is as brief and mysterious as her original run in the 1940s. For her other non-canon appearance in modern comics, check out The Age of the Sentry #5 (Mar 2009).

Just who (or what) is Sun Girl? Even the writers don't seem to know.

New Avengers #10

New Avengers #9-14 - In 1959, Nick Fury gathers an unlikely group of heroes (the term may be rather loosely applied in some cases) to track down Nazis. The previously unknown Avengers Initiative includes the first Silver Sable (father of the current one), Kraven the Hunter, Sabretooth (see what I mean about "heroes"?), Dominic Fortune and the only genuine Golden Ager of the story, Namora. Their adventures will continue in the five-issue Avengers 1959 series, with the Blonde Phantom joining the line-up.

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